Make your software work for your business!

In today's world, it's easy to layer on the latest new technology. But all too often, this results in a step backwards that only increases complexity without actually improving your day-to-day workflow.

With TNS, the focus is always first and foremost on how to simplify and improve your process. Utilizing a rare skillset across business process and financial reporting disciplines combined with technology implementation and custom full stack software development expertise, TNS provides a unique opportunity to focus on delivering effective results that don't get lost in translation.

Many consultants attempt to change your requests to fit their pre-existing, off-the-shelf solutions. TNS will always work to develop solutions tailored specifically to the challenges unique to your business.

Skills and expertise:

  • Business process and financial reporting
    • Financial statement preparation
    • Streamline periodic reporting
    • Payable and receivable processing and management
    • Data extraction and analytics
    • Excel and Word template creation or simplification
    • Process analysis and documentation
    • Audit preparation
  • Technology adoption and integration
    • ERP improvements or implementations
    • Custom portal development
    • Software architecture
    • Data organization and automation
    • Reconciliation creation and automation
    • Template and document organization and management
    • Eliminate repetitive activities through automation